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Welcome to Myant Ventures

Empowering Innovations for a Sustainable Future

Welcome to Myant Ventures

Empowering Innovations for a Sustainable Future

About Myant Ventures

Myant Ventures is the investment arm of  Myant Corp, a groundbreaking venture that serves as a bridge between start-ups to the global capacities in Advanced Materials and Textile-Computing technologies. Our endeavours are tightly aligned with Myant’s overarching purpose: advancing science and technology for the benefit of humanity and the planet.

Our mission at Myant Ventures is clear:  to expedite the development of human breakthroughs and technological advancements that promise substantial returns while delivering significant societal benefits. 

We aspire to cultivate a partner ecosystem that encompasses industry, academia, the public sector, and investors. This community is instrumental in supporting the commercialization efforts of our portfolio companies, thereby fostering economic growth, intellectual property expansion, and job creation.

Our approach

At Myant Ventures, we are committed to investing in emerging realms of deeptech and hardtech across a diverse array of industries. We champion the development of physical products that contribute to a flourishing manufacturing sector.

We collaborate with founders to expedite their growth journey by leveraging our profound scientific expertise in advanced materials and smart textiles coupled with our expansive 170,000 sq.ft. innovation center comprising labs, scale-up and production facilities

Access to Over


We manage a robust portfolio of patents, applications, trade secrets and trademarks that are available as part of our service or on an individual license basis.


Located in Mississauga, ON


Start-ups & Early Stage Technology Companies


Medtech, Biotechnology, and Life Sciences, Electronics, Cleantech, Wearables, Transportation, Electrification, Industrial processing and Manufacturing

Our committment

Recognizing the elevated risk inherent in collaborating with start-ups tackling complex problems, we have established the Myant Innovation Hub. This collaborative space brings together engineers, data scientists, hardware and software experts, and more, fostering the development of new technologies and solutions within a dynamic, startup-centric environment.

As the internal incubator for Myant Corp, a frontrunner in advanced materials and smart textiles technology, we offer agility and profound domain knowledge to help you reach your development milestones. Through the Myant Innovation Hub, start-ups, universities, research centers, and our own employee teams receive the support needed to tackle challenging problems and collaborate within a fast-paced, experiment-driven, and risk-tolerant environment.

Leveraging the end to end spectrum of knowledge and assets under one roof, entrepreneurs can expect to take their early stage concept all the way to production,  significantly reducing risk, accelerating development timelines and conserving cash burn. 

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Our portfolio companies will have priority access to the services of our internal Integrated Systems business.  Armed with 200 scientists, entrepreneurs, ,  and support staff, this team works with companies of all sizes to develop breakthrough materials, technologies and systems that enable high value solutions.  

At Myant Ventures, we are not just investors; we are partners on a shared journey towards innovation and societal impact. Join us in shaping the future of technology and human advancement.

2660 Speakman Dr, Mississauga, ON L5K 2L1 | Canada
© 2024 Myant Ventures. All rights reserved.
2660 Speakman Dr, Mississauga, ON L5K 2L1 | Canada
© 2024 Myant Ventures. All rights reserved.
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